Crown & Birch

CROWN & BIRCH BRANDING Armed with an eye for interior design and years of experience in the field, Crown and Birch founder Céline Wood launched both a brick and mortar storefront and an e-commerce site in 2019. With the help of her kids, she considered many names before finally settling on Crown and Birch— Having… Read More

Barrel House

THE BARREL HOUSE BRANDING Next morning the not-yet-subsided sea rolled in long slow billows of mighty bulk, and striving in the Pequod’s gurgling track, pushed her on like giants’ palms outspread. The strong, unstaggering breeze abounded so, that sky and air seemed vast outbellying sails; the whole world boomed before the wind. Muffled in the… Read More


NOMAD BRANDING Complete branding from top to bottom for a new international airport cafe selling. Projects included: logo, brand elements, vehicle design, store design, merchandising, point of purchase display, uniforms, merch, way finding and signage, floor decals, custom vinyl graphics for coffee/cream machines and coolers. I worked solo on this project - only sourcing images… Read More