It’s no secret that Westfort Productions has an emence amount of pride for their namesake neighbourhood. So much so that when the opportunity presented itself to sell some merch at the annual street fair they said ‘F$%#-it‘ to promoting their own business, and commissioned 3 ‘Westfort’ themed shirts so everyone else could share in the love too.

Really, the world needs more Westfort —

“The response was incredible. The mock-up images of the artwork alone provided us some great content for social media which was is a great value add of partnering with Pulp + Paper. The posts created a ton of interest in the shirts prior to them going on sale. We had planned to sell the shirts at a fair held on the street our business is located on. We ordered what we thought was an aggressive quantity of shirts thinking we’d have some to hold onto for ourselves and gifts/donations. 90% of the shirts were sold in 3 hours and were all gone within the first day. We have completed additional orders – multiple times – for the shirts since.  We would plan on making this a yearly project with Pulp + Paper, if Heather is willing to put up with us.”


“We had a quick creative meeting to discuss the design concepts/locations, spent some time sharing reference, and that was it. We loved the rough layouts provided and were blown away by the final designs. At first glance, all of Pulp’s work is obviously so pleasing to look at and take in. What we really love though is that there is always a calculated cleverness to it all. The anticipation of what will be presented is half the fun. The subtle add-ins, fonts, lettering, and copy are so entertaining and unique. We feel it all really aligns with Westfort Productions. Pulp + Paper was also valuable in helping us choose and source the right shirts, a product that would mesh properly with the design, and also set us up with the screen-printing vendor. Can’t wait to do it again.”

Bryan Popowich, Matt Popowich  |  westfortproductions.com