Complete branding from top to bottom for a new international airport cafe selling. Projects included: logo, brand elements, vehicle design, store design, merchandising, point of purchase display, uniforms, merch, way finding and signage, floor decals, custom vinyl graphics for coffee/cream machines and coolers. I worked solo on this project – only sourcing images from local adventure photographers.

Wyatt_inspiration wide Heather Cranston-Lesniewski, Thunder bay Ontario


 A Nomad is defined as a person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer, deviates from the pack. This concept takes the iconic elements of a compass, and rather than looking at the stereotypical, ‘North’, we see the direction pointing to Northwest, away from the pack, as well as a marker of our place in Northwest Ontario. By connecting the points of North and West to opposing ends of the compass, an N, is revealed.  Additional elements to the logo include a map, to be interpreted as either topographic or a depth map from one of our many lakes.