A desire to bring natural products into her home, a focus on sustainability, and a deep appreciation for beeswax – was all Monique, of Heron House Handmade, needed to get started. What began humbly in her kitchen, has resulted in a product line of beeswax candles and balms, not to mention an expanding yard of her own hives.

With a commitment to support local beekeepers, all of Heron House Handmade’s products are made with ethically sourced, impeccably filtered, pure Canadian beeswax. Hand poured in Shuniah, Ontario, on the shores of Lake Superior, Heron House Handmade products reflect a connection to nature.

“I initially started by experimenting with essential oils and making candles from various types of wax. Once I worked with beeswax it was immediately evident to me that it would be my wax of choice – and my research confirmed that this was exactly the type of wax I was looking for. Ethically sourced beeswax is not only the best choice for our health, but it is the most environmentally friendly option as well. Beeswax has a higher melt point so will last longer than other waxes, it burns brighter, it is hypoallergenic, and it smells amazing all on its own (no added scents required).”

– Monique Gouthro


Best way to achieve the look of a traditional blockprint or linocut? Actually pulling out a sheet of linoleum… A series of flowers were cut, and printed multiple times to create a collection with some variation. Only a small amount of blood was shed.