BIG LAKE header | Heather Cranston-Lesniewski, Thunder Bay Ontario



Big Lake Pasta is made in small batches using all natural ingredients. They provide fresh, dried and stuffed pastas to retail and restaurant customers around, and out of, Thunder Bay. What began as a small start up, has quickly grown well beyond Big Lake’s expectations — and they needed a visual presence to match.

Traditional bronze dies and authentic Italian equipment… this is the real deal.

“Andrew Murchinson and his wife began Big Lake Pasta as an opportunity to compliment the great existing local food finds they enjoyed at the local market. It also gave them the excuse to dwell on the love of their hometown, Thunder Bay, hence the name “Big Lake” Pasta”. –

Big lake before and after | Heather Cranston-Lesniewski, Thunder Bay Ontario
BIG LAKE PASTA ship Heather Cranston-Lesniewski
BIG LAKE PASTA logo options Heather Cranston-Lesniewski


Big Lake made an admirable effort with their first logo. But admittedly, it wasn’t meant to last forever. The ‘wave of wheat’ served its purpose of temporary stand in, while Andrew was perfecting his process, and product.


Most of the vintage Italian packaging we looked at was riddled with little typographic gems or graphic elements that could be used in a multitude of ways or applications. A little set of design elements were designed for Big Lake to use where ever they see fit.

BIG LAKE hollow type Heather Cranston-Lesniewski