Double denim. Lots of food related things. Kinda by accident. But not really.

Heather is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator — and beekeeper! — in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Heather describes herself as an artist first and a designer second. It was during her time painting murals in Winnipeg, that she developed a healthy interest in typography and the fundamentals of design – which ultimately lead her to pursue her talents in that special place where art and commerce intersect – graphic design. After completing her schooling in Manitoba, she worked at one of the largest advertising agencies in western Canada – before returning home to Thunder Bay in 2008 to work at a local design studio.


With a tireless creative mind, an aptitude for design, and a powerful sense of curiosity, Heather has employed her talents on a wide variety of projects for some of the City’s biggest business and organizations, and smallest start-ups. She never passes up an opportunity to flex her artistic muscles in her spare time, be it life drawing, or letterpress. Most recently Heather instructed the 3rd and 4th year printmaking, and 2nd year Graphic Design at Lakehead University.



Armed with an eye for type, a rustic spirit, and a curiosity for anything vintage – you can win her over with anything printed pre-1960.

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