Boreal Carpentry


Scott, aka Boreal Carpentry — hails from Hamilton, Ontario. He was born and raised there before meeting his wife, a local Thunder Bay-ite, and relocating to the North with his two little dudes. Scott’s passion is in the details. He’s a real, ‘it’s not done, till it’s done’ kinda guy. This is something that he lives by daily and works hard at instilling into his team. Working on high end custom homes in the GTA and surrounding areas gave him the opportunity to fine tune his craftsmanship to meet the industry’s highest standards.

He’s a real, ‘it’s not done, till it’s done’ kinda guy.

When Scott relocated and named his company after our Boreal forest, he wanted to make sure he was portraying the same professionalism and attention to detail as he was devoting to his own craft. Before we began, his only mandatory was a strong Canadian reference. A range of concepts including both Canadian icons, and Northern Ontario staples were explored, before landing on some seriously solid White Pines. Woodgrain, handsaw, White Pines — Done. Boreal Carpentry specializes in residential renovations, remodeling and finish carpentry. They care about their clients, their reputation, and their community. They are Built North Strong. Woodgrain, handsaw, White Pines — Built North Strong.


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